Here’s to new beginnings.

A new web site; a new look and feel, including a complete redesign has been long overdue for Knauf Santos Law, PLLC.

Years ago, the old site was originally put up and meant to simply be a placeholder; something to tide us over until a full site could be built. Yep – the ol’ site did the job, provided contact information to people that were looking for our phone number, fax or address. Today, the new site not only displays our phone number, fax or address – but also gives you directions to the office.


So long, old web site!

What was that? You miss the old site? Well, you can still access it here. Knock yourself out.

Knauf Santos Law


10303 Meridian Ave N, Suite 104, Seattle, WA 98133

PHONE: 206.782.6200 | FAX: 206.774.8579